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OA MEI positions

The Montreal English Intergroup had elections September 20th, 2023. Here are the results:

  • Chair : Rebecca C.
  • Secretary: Celine B.
  • Region 6 Representative Joan S.
  • Treasurer Kevin T.
  • Newsletter editor Rachel K.
  • Special Events Chauncey F.
  • French Liaison: Sandra R.
  • Public Information: Larissa P.
  • Literature: Mickey P.
  • Twelfth Step: Margaret M.
  • Facebook Rep: VACANT
    Maintain the Facebook page, repost and respond to messages. 3 month abstinence requirement. 1 year commitment.
  • WSO Delegate VACANT
    To attend the World Service Business Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and to report back to IG. One year abstinence requirement. This is a two year commitment.

Please contact Celyne should you need more information. (