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Quick Step Study Series: Steps 8-9

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March 12, 2024    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Sponsored By Central Ontario Intergroup
Event Type: Virtual
Register By 2 pm EST the day before your first session

We will read about the Steps ahead of each session, write about the Steps individually during the session, and then share our writing in small groups (2–3 people).  We will actually work through the Steps, for example writing out a Fourth Step inventory and writing amends letters/scripts. You don’t have to attend every session.

Schedule for each session (approximate)

  1. Introductions – 15 min
  2. Writing on the designated Steps – 30 min
  3. Explain the sharing – 5 min
  4. Share our writing in small groups  – 30 min
  5. Evaluation and wrap up – 10 min