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Montreal English Intergroup

New to Overeaters Anonymous?

To get to know us better and find out how we can help you, make sure to check out our New to OA pages. 

What is Montreal English Intergroup (MEI)?

MEI provides service to all the English OA groups in Montreal and surrounding areas. Within OA, individual members gather together to form OA Groups, also known as Meetings. Intergroup provides service to these groups and it provides information about OA to the local community. MEI meets on the third Monday each month at 7 pm. All members are welcome.

People participating in group meeting
Circle of people in an peer-led mutual aid fellowship group

How MEI Supports Meetings and Members

  • Conventions, retreats, and workshops
  • Maintain roster of local members available to sponsor
  • Increase the number of sponsors and newcomers and retain members
  • Monthly Intergroup business and board meetings
  • Maintain phone lines, email, newsletter, website, blog and social media. Zoom account for Intergroup meetings and workshops.
  • Liaise with other intergroups and Region 6 and the World Service Office
  • Outreach to healthcare professionals

MEI needs you!

We’re looking for people for the following positions…

  • Region 6 Representative
    Serves as intermediary between the Intergroup and Region 6. Is assigned to a committee at the conference level. Attends the conference and has the right of vote. Six months abstinence requirement. This is a two year commitment.
  • WSO Delegate
    To attend the World Service Business Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and to report back to IG. One year abstinence requirement. This is a two year commitment.