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Montreal English Meetings

You do NOT have to register to ATTEND any OA meeting. There are no dues or fees to attend a meeting.

If you’re ready to give OA a try, that’s great news! We highly recommend attending a minimum of six different meetings to help you find the best fit. You’re sure to find a supportive community and make meaningful connections along the way.

As a result of the current pandemic, nearly all English Montreal meetings are currently being held online until further notice. Below you will find local Montreal meetings as well as a link to the worldwide meeting locator and a speaker meeting sampler.

Monday at 7:30PM

Big Book Study

Type: In person

Address: Briarwood Presbyterian Church - 70 Beaconsfield Blvd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3Z3

Contact: Sandra R. (514-945-5656)

Tuesday at 7:30pm

Type: Zoom ONLY

Zoom Meeting ID: 813 5473 0886 

Passcode: 246891

Dial-in locally: (438) 809-7799

Contact: Marilyn (514-481-6230)

Wednesday at 12:00PM

Welcome Home Dorval

Type: Hybrid

Address: St. Charles Park Chalet - 60 Martin Ave
Montreal (Dorval), QC H9S 3R3

Zoom ID: 892 0851 5020

Passcode: 121224

Contact: Marc (514-513-4282)

Thursday at 7:30pm

Lachine Meeting

Type: Zoom Only

Zoom meeting ID: 841 4308 3279

Passcode: 135246

Dial-in locally: +1 438 809 7799

Contact: Mickey 514-262-4915 or 450-687-0724

Friday at 7pm


Type: Zoom only

Zoom Meeting ID: 837 3891 3245

Passcode: 301

OR Dial-in locally: +1 438 809 7799 Canada

Contact: Claudette (514-519-4892)

Sunday at 10:30am

Leader's choice

Type: Zoom only

Zoom Meeting ID: 824 2740 8256

Passcode: 192837

Dial-in locally: +1 438 809 7799 Canada

Contact: Mickey 514-262-4915 or 450-687-0724

Sunday at 7:30pm*

Newcomers meeting

*Please note that this meeting is held by the OA Central Ontario Intergroup

Type: Zoom only

Zoom Meeting ID: 571 680 7989

Passcode: 545069

MEI Monthly Business

Type: Zoom

Time: 7:00pm (on the third Wednesday of every month, except in July and December.)

Zoom Meeting ID: 848 8996 4379

Passcode: 864234

Dial-in locally: +1 438 809 7799 Canada

Montreal French Intergroup (MFI)

Type: Zoom

Time: 7:15pm (first Wednesday of every month, except in August.)

Details: Everyone is welcome to join the Intergroup meeting by zoom. For login details, please contact Sandra at

Group of people meeting online

Worldwide meetings

Meetings available worldwide anytime of the day


What can I expect at a meeting?

Meeting formats vary, but you’ll likely hear a few readings from OA literature as well as stories from OA members about their struggles and recovery from compulsive eating and food behaviours. Members may share their first names and phone numbers so people can support each other between meetings.

Most meetings collect a few dollars to pay for the zoom hosting or in the case of in-person meetings, to pay for the rooms we meet in, but contribution is always voluntary and often newcomers are encouraged not to contribute.

Many meetings will have a featured speaker who shares for 10-20 minutes. Some meetings focus on recovery using the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

At many meetings, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself as a newcomer, if you like.  Anonymity is a foundational principle of OA so you are assured that what you share will be held in confidence. Someone from the meeting may call you to offer support or answer questions you have about the program, and you are welcome to take down phone numbers to reach out for help or to ask questions.

What is an Open or Closed Meeting?

An Open Meeting is open to OA members and non-OA visitors, such as family and friends. All meetings are considered open unless otherwise indicated.

A Closed Meeting is restricted to people who desire to stop eating compulsively or to normalizing behaviours surrounding food — that is, OA members and those who think they may have a problem with food.

What does it cost to attend?

Although we have no dues or fees, we are self-supporting through our own contributions as defined by our 7th Tradition. Consequently, we do invite a suggested contribution of $5 per meeting from our regular members (this is NEVER required for attendance – please give only to your level of ability). We invite all newcomers to attend their first few meetings for free.

OA English Montreal intergroup does incur ongoing expenses (for this website, office expenses, the technologies employed, etc.). We give – according to our individual abilities – in order to cover all expenses so that we might continue to reach the still suffering compulsive eater and to keep our doors/online meetings open to those seeking to work our spiritual program of Twelve Step recovery – a design for living that really works.

(If you would like to contribute to OA MEI so we can share our message of hope with more compulsive eaters throughout our city and beyond, please click here!)

Who should attend OA meetings and events?

Whether you are a compulsive eater, anorexic, restrictor, under-eater, bulimic, over-eater, over weight, obese, or are of normal size yet struggle with food, excessive exercise, or body image, or if you merely have questions about whether you might have issues with food – everyone is welcome at OA meetings.

We welcome you at one of our virtual meetings or in-person once per month in the Montreal area. Please refer back to our meeting list as it is being constantly updated. You may also reach out to the contact person for each meeting before attending.